Next phase: Perfumes I own

Here we go. I have finished reviewing the perfumes I had in the past. I covered them all and you can see them in my previous posts. Now we are moving on to the part where I am about to describe the perfumes I currently have. Tadá!

Because I neither own a big collection nor want the blog to be “me me me”, I am going to invite my friends to record a video about their favorite fragrance. And of course, I am very curious about what they have to say …

The first one I asked to record a video for alexaperfumes was my beloved friend SANDRA ROMFO who is an experienced fashion blogger and one of my best friends when studying back in England. We attended few tennis lessons, considerably more parties and visited a couple of countries together 🙂 I will stop describing Sandra here because she does that much better herself in the video. Curious which fragrance Sandra adores? Start watching …

If you want to know more about Sandra’s professional blog experience in a fashion magazine, check it out: Musings of Dee. 

@all: Do you like Sandra’s choice of scent?


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